Agrimonia (swe)
Gloomy crust with black metal-influence

Buiten Gebruik (nl)
Fast paced d-beat rippercrust

Contrast Attitude (jp)
Hardcore! Total sonic destruction guaranteed

Crimen (mex)
Obnoxious hardcore punk

Mid-tempo animalistic hardcore

Dogmatist (k-town)
Hysterical hardcore beat down

Herätys (swe)
Straight up hc for the punks – reunion!

Human Compost (fr)
Total crust core annihilation

Infernöh (swe)
Rough mangel assault visit us once more

Kontatto (it)
Crust as fuck d-beat destruction

Katyuscha (de)
New epic crust/stench outfit

Landverraad (nl) – Will perform at the Punx Picnic!
Raw anarcho punk meets powerviolence

Las Otras (bcn) – Will perform at the Punx Picnic!
Full frontal political hardcore punk

Lesion (k-town)
Nihilistic raw punk/hardcore

Lower (k-town)
Depressed punk rock that'll send shivers down your spine

The Mob (uk)
Legendary 80's anarchopunk

Neighborhood Brats (us)
Catchy hardcore punk a la California
Nervous Trend (aus)
Coldwave uptempo post-punk

Nomad (us)
Noisy and raw punk/hardcore

No More Art (de)
Garage-inspired punk rock 

Paranoid (swe) 
Raw d-beat hardcore

Polio og Julie (k-town)
Unpolished and dangerously catchy punk rock'n'roll

Suicidas (a/bcn)
Stick-to-your-brain melodic punk rock

Tragedy (us)
Legendary Portland hardcore punk

Tumor Warlord (k-town)
Deeply disturbing sci fi punk with organ returns to K-Town Hc Fest

Manic and dark hardcorepunk

Warbeast (k-town) – Will perform at the Punx Picnic!
Simplistic rawpunk/d-beat attack
(note: link is a download of the KBH 2014 comp. tape, where Warbeast is featured)

Youth Avoiders (fr)
Hardcore punk with a healthy dose of punk rock